Hi, I’m Matt Jones. I am a 46-year-old, life-loving man striving to become what I’m called to be. I have lived in Elk Grove, California since 1985 and have no intention of leaving.

I am a family guy. (But definitly not the one on TV.) I am the husband to Tishauna; the sweetest, most beautiful, talented, gracious and loving wife in the world. And that’s not just my opinion–that’s a fact! I have four wonderful kids; Statton, Winston, Garrison and LaNae. Next to my relationship with God, they are number one. They make be very proud, so I’m sure I will mention them as examples to points, but I will never put them on a pedestal to be judged against my writings. And I ask that no one else does either. When they become perfect I’ll let you know.

I love to create stuff. One of the reasons I still think like a kid is that I’ve never lost my passion to create stuff. Drawing and music was my first creative passions as a kid. Also, one of my favorite things to do was record “radio shows” with my friends on a cassette recorder. When I got my first computer, a Commodore 64, at 11 years old, I started creating stuff on the screen. In high school, I found out you could make money making art with a computer. When I was giving the opportunity to try my hand at desktop publishing on a Macintosh SE computer in 1989, I was elated. I eventually got the first special major degree in “Graphic Design and New Media” at California State University, Sacramento.

I am a business guy. I am the founder/owner of Insignia Books, a Christian publishing company established in 2001 and 7D Creative, a business marketing company established in 1991. On the side, with the help of a great mentor, Gary Henson, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting my feet wet as a business coach starting in 2012.

Did I mention I love to create stuff? Over the decades I have been handed opportunities for printing and design, web development, video production, audio production and other types of media creation from high profile government projects to small business projects. I have also been privileged to help dozens of Christian authors in the creative process of publishing books that have left major impact on thousands of lives.

I love working with young people. I like to think like a kid and I love to play with kids as much as adults. Actually, kids are funner. I have served as a youth minister and am currently the children’s pastor at The Rock Church of Elk Grove, California. My wife and I started a kids’ club in 2006 called the Xtreme Team which teaches leadership skills to kids aged 10–12. I am also the camp principle for the junior division of Camp West, which takes place in Monterey, California. I have travelled with Helping Children of The World, which is committed to furthering health, educational and spiritual needs of kids worldwide. Developing passionate, world-class, young people of purpose is my heartbeat.

I am a music guy. I have enjoyed singing, playing keyboard, writing and recording songs since my teen years. My wife is an absolutely, incredibly, amazingly awesome singer (can you tell I’m a fan?). I didn’t marry her for her voice or her looks but they are both outstanding bonuses. We were music ministers for nine years and we are currently worship leaders at The Rock Church. We’ve recorded albums together and with others (and we are extremely overdue to record another album).

I am a Christian. If the true definition of Christian is “being like Christ,” then I am not a Christian. If the definition is “trying to be like Christ,” then I am a Christian. He is my world. If everything I have named were taken, my life would be shaken, but my walk with God would not be forsaken. (hmm. possible song lyrics right there).