The Home We Don’t Have Yet

Fourteen years ago, Tishauna saw a beautiful home that we still salivate over. It had everything that we had dreamed about together and even more: A huge great room, spacious kitchen, four large bedrooms plus a den, a full basketball court, a pool, not to mention a detached mother-in-law quarters in the back. We love to dream about how we would have so more space to entertain guests, the possibilities of the extra mini-house in the back and just having a place to call our own.

We still don’t have the home. Even if I could afford the home, the owner doesn’t even seem to have intentions of selling. But do I believe I will be writing from that home someday? I have no doubt. That home has not left Tishauna’s mind ever since we saw it–especially recently. There’s something about that particular home. We still occasionally drive by and just look at it and I just printed a photo of the house to make it always visible. I still have no idea how it will happen, but it will. In fact, I’ll be pointing back to this writing and saying, “this is where the only thing we had to go by was blind faith.”

This is just an example of one of my unrealized dreams. There are other dreams that I am even more passionate about that have not yet come to pass, but are in the process of being a reality. However, many have come true and when one dream is accomplished, it always opens the door to a new one.

How To Make A Dream Come True

My long-time pastor, Dr. Nathaniel Wilson, took a church of nine members in Sacramento several years ago. He proclaimed his dream to the handful of saints that, “someday we will be a thriving church with a Christian school, recording studios, radio facilities and even a Bible college.” There was seemingly nothing to go by at the time. But when he hand-painted this proclamation and posted it on the newly purchased property, something happened. By planting that sign in the ground, he planted something in himself and in those saints. They were committed. Writing it down made it real. Despite every obstacle imaginable, every single one of those dreams have already taken place.
But why is it that so many people only dream or don’t even dream at all, while others seem to bring dreams into existence? There is a proven approach that brings translucent, abstract desires into tangible, visible reality.

  1. Get a worthwhile dream. This is easier said than done. Dreams don’t usually come from nothing, they come from experiences. If you don’t have enough experiences, make experiences. Years ago, I was infused with the dream of starting an orphanage in a third world country. But that dream only came to me during a three-day shut-in with just me and God. Externally, it seems empty, since there is virtually nothing to show for it. But I own that dream. I know it will happen. Everything is in God’s timing, but that dream gives me something to hold on to. It is priceless to me.
  2. Write it down and pray it down. When you define your dream, you see it before it happens. There is something about seeing it on paper (or on screen) that does something to your brain and to your spirit. Even better than written words, get a picture of your dream. Draw it if you have to. Put it on your prayer list. If your dream is worth fighting for then it’s certainly worth praying for, because prayer is what moves things.
  3. Re-visit it often. Writing it down only works long-term when you go back and look at it often enough to etch it into your mind. Put it on your mirror, put it in your toothbrush drawer, put it in your car. Pray for each stage as it happens. Revise it as it unfolds. Then do it again.
  4. Be stubborn. If you want this thing bad enough, don’t just quit because it’s not happening as fast as you thought it would or because some unforeseen obstacle has popped up. Sometimes we need to be stubborn enough to just do whatever it takes to make it happen. Other times we need to be stubborn enough to keep believing that God will open the door that will make it happen.

Dreams are what keep us alive inside. Whether it concerns your own future, or the future of others, your dream will put a fire inside you to push. If you don’t have a dream, get one—something that you can be passionate about. Something that will make a great big difference. If you don’t take the time to dream, you’ll never possess that special spark that only a dream can give. And without owning a dream, you will never affect anything that’s worthwhile.

What about Your Dream?

Do you already have a dream or dreams? Are you passionate enough about anything to take ownership of a dream? When you have your dream, proclaim it, be stubborn about it and watch it happen. What do you deeply want and how are you making it happen?